3. Does Ingrid Cross the Line with Her Stalking?

Ingrid is the embodiment of the moral questions we have about social media today playing out for our amusement, but also as a contemplative warning about our own behaviors. The screen-focused culture we have lived with in the modern age has made us anti-social, yet it thrives because we want to connect with people.

Is Ingrid right to deceive Taylor? Or is it morally wrong, regardless of how well we know Ingrid?

Social media teases us on how easy information can be shared, and Ingrid sees every bit of it as something good for her. And it's easy to judge her for her stalking, but it's her way of fighting her mental instability. The film wants us to see how far her deception of Taylor takes her.

Instagram Shows a Perfect Taylor, but She Isn't What She Seems
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