5. Social Media is the Weapon and the Great Distraction

Even after the intense climax of the film, which includes being blackmailed by Taylor's brother, who finds out Ingrid's true motives and threatens to tell his sister, and also being sidelined by Taylor, Ingrid feels compelled to stay connected to her phone. All those encouraging words from her followers give her a smile, as she becomes a little more like Taylor. Her love interest, Dan, is great example of how hungry she is to be Insta-famous to the point she would throw away a chance at a stable and loving relationship. What she desires most is to be like Taylor, regardless of what has happened, and she instantly forgets about him because strangers are proud of what she's done.

Ingrid Goes West is a dark comedy, yet frustrating to watch. The movie doesn't develop Ingrid in any positive way, but it tells an honest story. The film successfully shows us how people invest in hiding their true nature while trying to invite honest interactions and relationships into their lives. Ingrid is used as an example of how bad that idea is. We can't expect to be admired when our intentions toward others are hostile. Taylor didn't expect Ingrid's deception, but it's part of the culture we live in now. What Ingrid did is a true possibility and it's our duty to make sure we don't end up like her.

Want a teaser? Check out this trailer for the film.