7 Wonderful Upcoming Winter Blockbuster Movies 2012-2013 ...


What the upcoming blockbuster movies of 2012-2013 have to offer all promise to be amazing. There are some romances, some exciting action adventures, and plenty of thrillers too. No matter what your favorite genre, you'll find at least a few upcoming winter blockbusters you'll want to see. I promise! Winter is the perfect time to see new movies, because what's better than getting cozy with your partner and a bucket of popcorn or hanging out with your girlfriends and the latest action star? Start saving dates on your calendar, ladies, because you won't want to miss these popular winter films!

1. The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey


It's probably no surprise that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey makes the top of the list of upcoming blockbuster movies 2012-2013 edition. I'm obsessed with all things Hobbit after all. However, this film is also making huge waves. Fans of the first trilogy, fans of Tolkien, fans of fantasy … they're all clamoring to see the adventures of Gandalf, Bilbo, and all those dwarves. Since this is just the first installment, there will be two more blockbusters to pine for in the meantime! By the way, it opens nationwide on Friday, December 14, so get your tickets!

Django Unchained
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