7 Amazing Lessons Grey's Anatomy Has Taught Me ...


There are so many lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me.

It really is crazy how a television show can teach you so many lessons.

Grey’s Anatomy has been on for 10 seasons, and it never ceases to amaze me.

I was never really in to medical dramas, but something was different about Grey’s right from the beginning.

This show has a way of speaking to your heart, and that’s a rare thing for a television show to accomplish.

Here are 7 amazing lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me.

1. People Are What Matter

It sounds pretty basic.

But we can get so caught up ourselves, and what we’re doing that we sometimes forget that people are what matter.

Spending time with others is one of the real gifts in life.

You can be as wrapped up in your work, school, or just getting ahead that as you want, but at the end of the day it’s the people around you that will help you through a crisis.

Of all the lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me, this one is the one I repeat to others the most.

2. Everything Can Change in an Instant

Granted, they work at a hospital, which is constantly changing every minute, but one of the biggest lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me is nothing is ever for certain.

You may think you found the cause of a tumor, or that you’ll never see your one night stand again.

Next thing you know, the tumor has spread and that one night stand you had is actually your attending.


The thing is, our lives and the world around us is constantly changing, and you have to learn how to adapt.2

Never take what you have in the moment for granted, because you never know when it can all go away.

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