7 Food Documentaries That Will Make You Reexamine the Way You Eat ...


Whenever I feel as if I’m in need of a bit of weight loss, I like to psych myself up with some of these food documentaries.

Even though I know that many of the foods I eat are bad for me, it somehow hits home a bit more firmly after watching one or two specials that show me just how bad of an effect things like processed foods can have on my body.

Take a look at some of these food documentaries that will make you reexamine the way you eat.

1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

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This is one of my favorite food documentaries.2

It follows the results that are found when you cut out the foods that are bad for you by following a fruit and vegetable based diet.

A man who is morbidly obese and suffering from numerous health issues decides to heal his body from the inside out and he shares all that he learned with you!

Find out if his health is improved by the food he eats even after traditional medicines have failed.

2. Forks over Knives

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Forks over Knives explains the belief that returning to a more “natural” way of eating could help destroy the modern diseases and illnesses that we face.

It focuses on cutting out the processed foods and replacing them with whole foods, such as veggies and fruits.3

It follows people who have been suffering with chronic illnesses and allows you to see their bodies' reactions to their new way of eating.

3. Food Inc

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This food documentary takes an in depth look at how science has taken the natural nutrition out of foods.

Processes to make cheaper food more widely available to the ever growing population have resulted in less healthy foods.

What was once an effort to feed every mouth has now become big business and a way to make money, which means more product but a lack of any real value to our bodies.

Super Size Me
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