17 Halloween πŸ‘» Horror Fixes in 20 Mins 😱 for Movie Buffs Short on Time ⏱ ...


There’s nothing like πŸ’™ a good πŸ‘ horror flick to get you in the mood for Halloween, but finding the time πŸ•‘ to sit down ⬇️ and watch πŸ“Ί a traditional πŸ‘˜ scary πŸ‘» movie πŸŽ₯ isn’t easy, plus βž• it’s hard to find anything legitimately scary πŸ‘Ή anymore. There’s an easy solution for both of those problems, though: turn 🎲 your attention ⚠️ to Youtube, where you can get a horror fix πŸ”§ in 20 minutes ⏰ or less -- a new πŸ†• fix, a fresh πŸ“ fix, a fix πŸ”§ you haven’t seen a million times already. You can watch ⌚ these short horror movies πŸŽ₯ on πŸ”› the bus 🚌 or train, during lunch, or even at the gym. You might think you can’t possibly be terrified in 20 minutes βŒ› … but you’d be wrong.

1. Night Night Nancy

This one 1️⃣ had me creeped out almost instantly! The walk, the mask πŸ‘Ή .. gross!

He Took His Skin off for Me
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