7 Hottest Guys on Grey's Anatomy That We Can't Help but Love ...


No "hot celebrity" section would be complete without mentioning the hottest guys on Grey's Anatomy.

Few shows have run for as long as Grey's has without getting boring or running out of ideas.2

Whatever the story lines, though, no one who's seen the show can deny that it's always had its share of eye candy, male and female.

I can't possibly mention them all, but here are the 7 hottest guys on Grey's Anatomy that come to mind.

1. Derek Shepherd (McDreamy)

Derek Shepherd (McDreamy)

I've had a massive crush on Patrick Dempsey ever since I saw him in Loverboy in the late 80s.

Even now, it's not hard to see why he's one of the hottest guys on Grey's Anatomy.

I've always loved the look of dark hair with blue eyes, but the fact that his hair is so thick and his eyes always seem to be smiling just adds to it.

What I especially find sweet is how he is with Zola, his adoptive daughter, on the show.

He makes wearing a tiara and drinking from a plastic cup look hotter than I ever thought possible.2

2. Mark Sloan (McSteamy)

Mark Sloan (McSteamy)

I know, I know;

McSteamy isn't on the show anymore.

That's too bad, because Mark Sloan was the whole package.

This man can rock a towel and a Snuggie in a way most women could only dream about.

With as many deadbeat dads around, it's nice to see an example of how sexy fatherhood can be.2

3. Jackson Avery

Jackson Avery

Two words: those eyes. Any time he's on screen for more than two seconds, we can't help but stare at them. His smile, his muscles, his smooth coffee-with-creamer skin; the man is just beautiful. He comes from a rich and powerful family, but you never see him trying to use that to his advantage; if anything, he hides away from it. He cares about people and, as his friendship with April has shown, he's loyal to the end. Gotta love a guy like that. IMDb says he used to be a model. Does anyone know if he's done any tasteful nudes? Or not-so-tasteful? I don't care.

Matthew Taylor
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