Lessons in Love from Julia Roberts Movies ...


Arguably, Julia Roberts is the queen of romcom.

Although she has made some serious movies, it is usually her romantic comedies that leave the greatest impression.2

They’re fun to watch and we can usually identify very easily with her characters in these movies.

However, she has also played other roles that left their mark such as a crusading legal assistant (Erin Brockovich) or an inspirational teacher (Mona Lisa Smile).

And her movies have lessons to teach us too …

1. We Always Want What We Can’t Have

One of the most universal messages in Julia Roberts’ movies is that we always end up wanting what we can’t have, best displayed in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

It isn’t until Julia’s character Julianne’s best friend Michael is engaged to somebody else that she realizes she is actually in love with him, which sends both her life and his in to a whole tailspin of chaos!

It leaves you to ponder an important question: do you really want the person, or just the idea of the person?2

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2. Trust Your Instincts

Just as Julia displayed in the amazing true story Erin Brockovich, trusting your gut and going with your initial instincts is sometimes the best course of action to take.

Erin had the courage in her convictions to continue fighting the huge corporations, and eventually won justice for herself and for those she was fighting for.

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3. Relationships Aren’t Easy

You’d think any couple that looked like Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt would never have any troubles, but this certainly isn’t the case in The Mexican when a clumsy criminal has to work to win back the trust of his girlfriend as they go on a crazy road trip to transport an expensive and historic stolen gun.

The film is a lesson in the fact that relationships take hard work and trust!

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