7 Adorable Jim and Pam Moments to Make You Believe in Love ...


If you’re an avid fan of The Office, you probably lived for Jim and Pam moments. Now that the show’s over, we can safely put together the best Jim and Pam moments from the course of the entire show. We watched their relationship play out, the good moments, the not-so-good moments, and of course the heart-wrenching moments. Whether you’re a huge fan of the show or are simply looking to start watching the show, these Jim and Pam moments will surely be your favorite!

Contains spoilers!

1. The Client

The Client was one of the first episodes with really memorable Jim and Pam moments. It’s technically the episode with their “first date,” as Jim points out to Pam. After reading Michael’s screenplay with the rest of the office, Jim and Pam have dinner on the roof of the office building. It’s adorable, and you will be screaming at Pam by the end of the episode. As Pam says in a season nine episode, “It’s like we were in love and we didn’t know we were in love.”

Michael’s Birthday
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