Gabrielle Union and Other Actors Who Were Adults Playing Teens ...

Whatever the plot, whatever the script, an actor has to make us believe they are the character they are playing. We have become so used to CGI and other special effects that seeing an actor “age” before our very eyes is nothing new anymore. There have been some extremely memorable age transformations down the years. However, before technology intervened, actors were reliant on makeup and their own looks and skills. Some on the list might shock you; like Gabrielle Union and others might not be so surprising. Here are some great examples of adult actors who defied age to play teenagers.

1. Stockard Channing in Grease

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Not many teenage characters are more iconic than feisty Betty Rizzo from 'Grease,' played superbly by Stockard Channing. Channing played a young 17-year-old girl when she was actually 34 years old at that time. Some might say she was a bit too old to lead the Pink Ladies gang, but she was quite outstanding – and believable – in that role.

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