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7 Amazing Lessons Grey's Anatomy Has Taught Me ...

By Leeann

There are so many lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me. It really is crazy how a television show can teach you so many lessons. Grey’s Anatomy has been on for 10 seasons, and it never ceases to amaze me. I was never really in to medical dramas, but something was different about Grey’s right from the beginning. This show has a way of speaking to your heart, and that’s a rare thing for a television show to accomplish. Here are 7 amazing lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me.

1 People Are What Matter

It sounds pretty basic. But we can get so caught up ourselves, and what we’re doing that we sometimes forget that people are what matter. Spending time with others is one of the real gifts in life. You can be as wrapped up in your work, school, or just getting ahead that as you want, but at the end of the day it’s the people around you that will help you through a crisis. Of all the lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me, this one is the one I repeat to others the most.

2 Everything Can Change in an Instant

Granted, they work at a hospital, which is constantly changing every minute, but one of the biggest lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me is nothing is ever for certain. You may think you found the cause of a tumor, or that you’ll never see your one night stand again. Next thing you know, the tumor has spread and that one night stand you had is actually your attending. Great. The thing is, our lives and the world around us is constantly changing, and you have to learn how to adapt. Never take what you have in the moment for granted, because you never know when it can all go away.

3 Work Hard, Play Hard

Of all the lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me, this one is probably exemplified most in one character – Christina Yang. This girl is never, ever afraid of hard work. In fact, she thrives on it. She searches for it, and demands to be taught by the best of the best. Remember when Dr. Hahn joined Seattle Grace and refused to teach Christina? Everyone was scared to death of losing their jobs and making their case to the Chief of Surgery. Christina on the other hand told him that if she couldn't continue to learn from the best and develop her skill, she didn't find the need to be at the hospital anymore. Guess what? They found her someone new, and now she’s even more kick ass than before.

4 Say ‘I Love You’

One of my favourite voice-overs ever on this show came at the season finale of season 5: “Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow." How many times do we want to tell someone we love them, not just your significant other, but your best friend, your family, anyone? One of the lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me is that love is the one thing that will never fail. It may sound cheesy, but if you love someone, tell them. We could all use a little more love in the world. The people who you love in your life deserve to know how you feel, because you don’t want to be saying it when it’s too late.

5 Dance It out

When Meredith and Christina feel stressed, what do they do? Dance! They’ll dance in their living room, on top of a table if they’ve had too much to drink, or even just wiggle around in their scrubs in the hallway. Callie dances in her underwear with her music blasted. And guess what? It works! One of the less serious lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me is that no matter how crummy your life may be, dancing will help! So as Christina would say; no talking, dance it out!

6 Be Who You Are

What I love about this show is that each and every character is so different; yet somehow we manage to eventually love them all. Remember when Addison first came on the show? We hated her! She was the wife of the hot surgeon who our favourite intern was in love with. The wife nobody knew about! Then she went on to be loved by the hospital, the viewers, and even got her own show (which was great by the way). Then when Callie came out to her dad, Arizona stepped in and told him just how wonderful his daughter was, and the fact that her sexuality that absolutely nothing to do with the person who she was, because that’s what matters at the end of the day. One of the best lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me is that we’re all unique, and we’re all different for a reason. Be who you are, and you’ll be loved for it!

7 Sometimes Big Speeches Are Needed

Grey’s Anatomy is filled to the brim with big, wonderful speeches. Some declare their undying love; some set rumours straight, some are so bluntly delivered that you have to admire the balls of the person saying it. Sometimes you need to be courageous and speak your truth. Because you never know if someone else feels the same way as you do, or if you need to stop wasting your time. Or if you can’t stand listen to them talk about their love life anymore, or if that one person in your life just needs to cut you a break. One of the best lessons Grey’s Anatomy has taught me is that sometimes, big speeches are needed. So while you may be nervous as heck for those 3 minutes when you’re speaking your mind in a way you've never done before, you will feel so liberated after you’re done. I promise you, it’s an amazing feeling.

Now it’s time for me to go get my Grey’s Anatomy fix! I think one of the reasons I became addicted to this show is because of how real it feels. It gives us a perspective on life. It let’s us find strength, humour, and courage through the characters. It really is one the best shows I’ve ever seen! So tell me, what has Grey’s Anatomy taught you?

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