7 Amazing Ways to Have a Healthy Movie Night ...


7 Amazing Ways to Have a Healthy Movie Night ...
7 Amazing Ways to Have a Healthy Movie Night ...

If hearing the words “healthy movie night” seems like an oxymoron to you, you’ve come to the right place. A typical movie night at home involves popcorn, soda, pizza, candy, and other foods that are bad for your body if consumed in excess. However, I know it is unrealistic to ask you to give up your favorite movie time treats. That’s why I am going to give you some alternatives to traditional movie night foods and activities so that you can have a healthy movie night without guilt.

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Switch to Air-Popped Popcorn

Switch to Air-Popped Popcorn If you are going to make one change towards having a healthy movie night, it would be this. Popcorn at the movie theater is loaded with butter and salt, not to mention there are so many unnecessary calories in it. You may be thinking that microwave popcorn at home is a safe alternative because it has less calories and fat, but there is actually a coating on the inside of most bags that has been shown to cause lung cancer! Air-popped popcorn is the healthiest choice and it doesn’t require any added oil to pop – just air! You can control what you put on your popcorn this way, and you can even add a little melted butter if you want to (just don’t go overboard!). These air-poppers are available in most large stores.


Make Your Own Pizza

Make Your Own Pizza Processed white flour, hydrogenated oils (trans fat), preservatives, and hidden sugar are what composes most of the restaurant or frozen pizzas out there. Those ingredients have no benefit to your body whatsoever. The ideal thing to do is make your own pizza where you control the ingredients. It really doesn’t take long to do if you find the right recipe, plus it tastes ten times better! If you really must get a frozen pizza, look for brands like Home Run Inn or Amy’s Kitchen that contain no preservatives.


Sip on Natural Soda

Sip on Natural Soda Your typical soda gets a bad rap, and for a good reason! I can’t even count the many ways soda is bad for your health (diabetes, osteoporosis) and diet soda is no better (seizures, brain tumors). To make things worse, many movie theaters serve soda in huge sizes that aren’t meant for one person. It is so much healthier and easier to drink a natural soda, such as Zevia. That way you won’t be getting the risks of regular soda, and will only be getting a zero-calorie, naturally-sweetened beverage. You could always just drink water, too.


Search for Healthy Candy

Search for Healthy Candy The candy you get at the movie theater (or grocery store for that matter) is far from healthy. It contains a massive amount of processed sugar, artificial colors, GMOs, and trans fat. There are actually great healthy alternatives to all of your favorites, if you know where to look for them. Most of these suggestions can be found at your local health food store, or online. Surf Sweets makes organic gummy bears, worms, and jelly beans; Yummy Earth makes lollipops, mints, and lemon drops; Justin’s makes organic peanut butter cups; Panda makes organic licorice.


Buy or Make Organic Ice Cream

Buy or Make Organic Ice Cream Most people are eager to consume ice cream right after their movie food is gone. Instead of stuffing yourself with the sugar-laden conventional stuff, try making your own. If you have an ice cream maker, that’s great and makes delicious ice cream (almond milk works for this as well). A lot of people don’t have one, but you can still freeze milk in ice cube trays and blend it up for a delicious treat. You can always just buy organic, less processed brands, as well.


Pick the Best Chip

Pick the Best Chip Another common movie-watching snack is chips. Tortilla chips are going to be your best conventional bet, with a healthy dip like guacamole or salsa. However, it would be optimal if you made your own chips in your oven. All you have to do is coat some washed kale, beets, or sweet potatoes with olive or coconut oil and sea salt, and bake them in the oven until crisp. That’s all you need to do, and you are left with some wholesome chips! These vegetable chips are also available in packaged bags at the store if you are in need of more convenience.


Take Necessary Precautions

Take Necessary Precautions Sitting for long periods of time can cause your muscles to tighten, and new research is coming out about how dangerous sitting can be for your health. That’s why it is so important that you take a friendly intermission to stretch, get some water, take a lap, or just get moving. Also, make sure you are sitting with good posture so you don’t strain your muscles. It is a good idea to watch your movie in a well-lit area so that you don’t put too much stress on your eyes as well. Use your common sense, and you are sure to have a healthier movie night.

All of these options are great because they all taste amazing, sometimes better than the original! You can still enjoy movie night with your family and friends while living a healthy lifestyle. What do you do to make your movie night healthier?

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Microwave popcorn is linked to cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

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