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I’ve been watching YouTube for a few years now, and every once in a while, I come across a YouTuber who just absolutely inspires me. No matter what he or she does, I love when I find a YouTuber who takes what we expect from YouTube content creators and completely flips that on its side. If you’ve been inspired to start your own channel lately but don’t really know where to start, let these ladies inspire you with their amazing channels!

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Ann Le

Are you the queen of DIY? Well, Ann Le holds that title in the YouTube world! She is amazing at what she does. No matter what kind of DIY you’re looking for, Ann Le probably has a video about it. If you want to start your own DIY channel, Ann Le is definitely the first person whose channel you should get some inspiration from!



I, like 3 million other people, found Jeni when she made a, well, candid video about her divorce. In it, she was so honest and raw that it was hard not to want to watch every single video she had ever posted. If you’re a mom looking to get real and honest on a YouTube channel, you definitely need to draw some inspiration from Jeni!


Just between Us

Do Gaby and Allison look eerily familiar? Well, you probably recognize them from all of Buzzfeed’s YouTube channels. Yes, they really are best friends outside of work. If you’ve been contemplating starting a YouTube channel with your own bestie, look to these girls for inspiration and ideas!



If you’re an avid YouTube fan, you’re probably getting sick of the big beauty gurus. All of their videos are exactly the same, there’s no originality, and there’s a lot of sponsorships. If you’re looking for someone who makes videos like the beauty gurus of yesteryear, watch Michele. She makes great videos that are sure to inspire you, with the old-school feel of a smaller YouTuber!



As someone who watches a lot of beauty gurus (more than I’d care to admit), I think I’m allowed to say this—sometimes their videos can be stale. That’s why I love Rachel’s videos. She always injects a little bit of sarcasm and humor into beauty videos. I like to think that as much as her videos are beauty videos, they’re comedy videos as well! I love that she took a popular mold of a beauty channel on YouTube and completely made it her own!


Sweet Emelyne’s

Do you love baking but don’t know how to channel your skill or passion into something that won’t leave you eating large batches of cookies every other day of the week? Try a YouTube channel! Emelyne loves baking cupcakes and decided to create an entire YouTube channel dedicated to amazing cupcake recipes! I love that she was able to take her passion and turn it into a YouTube channel!


Theodora Lee

I don’t know about you, but just after watching a few of her videos, I got so sad that there wasn’t someone like her on the Internet when I was a teenage girl looking for advice from someone who knew much more than me! Even now, I’ll sit down with her videos and it’s like having a chat with a good friend. If you want to be that person for the people of the Internet, look to Theo’s videos for some inspiration and advice!

Are you planning on starting a YouTube channel soon? Where do you get your inspiration? Let me know your favorite channels in the comments!

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The divorce video was inspiring

I was soooo excited to see Gabby and Allison on the cover! I just had to read the article!

Bethany mota???

Jenna Marbles is hilarious, she release new videos every Wednesday

I just hope bethany mota didn't see this. Sorry girl

Yes, Karena! Grav3yardgirl for sure!!

you guys should watch: heather123, lovewithcautionnn, jessilove.

Essena Oneill, she is very inspirational!

Me to @Donata

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