7 Apps for Movie Lovers ...


7 Apps for Movie Lovers ...
7 Apps for Movie Lovers ...

If you are all about movies, having access to apps for movie lovers is very important to you. You want all of the information about your favorite movies and actors at all times. While there are so many different apps for movie lovers out there that can add on to your movie experience, here are a few of my personal favorites. They have helped me develop my love for movies and my pretty impressive movie knowledge.

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IMDb itunes.apple.com

Of all of the apps for movie lovers, this one is my go-to app. I hate when I am watching a movie and I know I have seen an actor before but I just can’t place it. That is where the IMDb app comes in. I can easily look up an entire database of who the actors are in a movie and what else they have been in. My friends are amazed that I know so much about all of the actors in our favorite movies, and I have the IMDb app to thank for that.




While I love watching movies snuggled up on a couch, nothing beats the movie theatre experience. Fandango is the perfect app for an easy way to look up movie times and locations closest to you. It uses GPS to find your location, so you can go to the nearest movie theater, even in an unfamiliar place. It also has tons of trailers and behind the scenes content about new movies.



Netflix itunes.apple.com

Most movie lovers already have a Netflix account, but did you know you can get it on your phone if you are already a member? The Netflix app is definitely one of the best apps for movie lovers because you instantly watch tons of movies in the palm of your hand. You can even resume watching from where you left off on your computer or TV. What is not to love when you can take your entire Netflix movie library on the go with you, all of the time?




I hate when I am sitting in the middle of a movie and suddenly have to pee. This app was created specifically for people like me because it tells you the most convenient times during a movie to go take a pee break. I am not sure who sat around and watched all of these movies to find this information out, but I thank them for it.



Redbox itunes.apple.com

For those of you who prefer to watch movies in the comfort of you own home, this should be one of the apps for movie lovers that you download. The Redbox app allows you to locate the closest Redbox kiosk to you and provides directions. It also lets you look through the movies it offers and even reserve the movie you want to watch before you get to the kiosk.



GetGlue itunes.apple.com

Now the movie experience is even more social. GetGlue allows you to share and recommend your favorite movies with hundreds of other movie fans. Your friends can share what they like and you can get recommendations for new movies based on the past movies you have enjoyed. It is a great way to find new movies and expand on your love of movies.


Today in Movie History


Why not improve on your already impressive movie knowledge with this app? Today in Movie History has more than 300 film facts about movies, actors, and all things film related. If you are as big a fan of fun facts as I am, this is the app for you.

If you love movies, you want access to them at all times. With these apps for movie lovers, you can access your passion in the palm of your hand. From movie times, to movie rentals, to movie fun facts, these apps will help you spend more time on your love for movies. What did you think of these apps for movie lovers? What other apps for movie lovers do you have? What is the most important thing in an app for a movie lover?

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