8 Awesome TV Shows from the 80's ...

TV shows from the 80’s were about big hair, crazy clothes, and being in a place where everyone knew your name! It was a time when we could connect with the issues of dealing with growing teen questions or getting away from our problems by hanging out at the local bar. TV shows from the 80’s gave us wholesome characters that we didn't mind watching together with our parents. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. The Facts of Life

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What I loved most about this TV show from the 80’s was that there was a character to represent the teenage girl in all of us. There was Blair, the blonde miss know it all who had everything; Natalie, the sweet, girl next door type who would do anything to be your friend; Tootie, the adorable, younger teen who was always in everyone’s business; and Jo, the tough chick who acts like she would kick your butt, but deep down inside she just needs a friend she can trust. “The Facts of Life” was a about four girls in boarding school who needed each other and needed a mother figure, which they found in Edna, the head of the dorm. "The Facts of Life” ran from 1979 to 1988, just shy of making 10 years on air!

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