7 Essential Date Ideas That Involve the Big Screen ...


7 Essential Date Ideas That Involve the Big Screen ...
7 Essential Date Ideas That Involve the Big Screen ...

Dates in the movies can go places where we mere mortals can only dream of. Nightmare dates become dream dates. Improbably-matched characters get together against all the odds and so on and on… We all love a bit of romance and that’s why we love movie date scenes so much. Hop on the love train, we’re off for a ride.

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Lady & the Tramp

It may be animated but it’s still one of the best dates in the movies! The sweet sounds of Italian music play over the memorable scene in Disney’s 1955 classic where Lady and Tramp indulge in a plate of spaghetti under the moonlight. The iconic image of the two muzzles meeting in the middle to kiss over a shared strand of pasta is one of the cutest things ever!

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Superman: the Movie

Sure, when it comes to impressing the ladies, Superman has got more tricks up his sleeve then most guys, but it’s the effort that counts! And no greater effort can be taken than to fly your date high above Metropolis, among the stars– without an airplane! Superman sure knows how to treat a lady.

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Annie Hall

Woody Allen and Diane Keaton’s characters have a memorable date that includes cooking their own lobsters. Of course, not everything goes to plan and the pesky crustaceans manage to cause a bit of a ruckus, but what is important is that you can really feel the affection and chemistry between the two characters, and this relaxed, fun date brings out the best in the both of them.

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When Henry Hill sets his sights on good girl Karen, he knows he’s going to have bring out all the big guns to impress her and make her his girlfriend. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than being wined and dined in luxury, and that is exactly what happens when Henry takes Karen to the jazz club and they are treated like absolute royalty. An especially reserved table and champagne on tap, I would call that a successful date!



Pulp Fiction

Arguably one of the most famous date scenes of all time, John Travolta and Uma Thurman’s trip to the local burger joint to indulge in tasty five dollar shakes is one of the iconic images of film history. To top off the night, the audience is treated to a memorable twist to the sweet sounds of Chuck Berry. It’s the kind of date that looks like so much fun that you wouldn’t want to leave!




Aladdin has obviously been taking tips from Superman, because he pulls the exact same moves on Princess Jasmine to very successful effect! Any guy who has a magic carpet at his disposal is at an immediate advantage, and during A Whole New World he does just that and treats the Princess to a night full of wonderful travel and memories. A little Aladdin in every girl’s life wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

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10 Things I Hate about You

The audience can all see that there is a definite spark between Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles’ characters, and this ignites into life when they go on a fun and frenzied paintballing date. The perfect activity for these two feisty teenagers, the competitive nature sparks something within them, and the date finishes how all good dates should - with a make out session amongst the hay stacks!


Such fun! Which movie date would you wish for? Tell us your fantasies!

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No movie date has ever topped " Lady and the Tramp" dining to Bella Notte...and Uma and John competing in the Jack Rabbit Slim Twist Contest is perfect...

I love that movie, "lady of the tramp"

It's lady and trump, wends! :) @wendy

Finally, I believed for many years that Superman and Aladdin are the best film dates ever, I don't know if the flying thing or the music, but I've adored those scenes since I saw them.

*lady and the tramp

So love Lady and the Tramp.

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