8 Best TV Show First Kisses ...


First kisses with anyone can either be amazingly romantic or completely awkward, so TV show first kisses aren't any different. Some can catch you by surprise or have you waiting on the edge of your seat until it finally happens. Either way, first kisses on our favorite TV shows definitely make us all feel giddy! So lets relive our favorite romantic moments with these 7 best TV show first kisses!

1. Nick & Jess


The first on this list of best TV show first kisses has to be the one that prompted me to write this article in the first place! Nick & Jess finally kissed in the second season of 'New Girl' and it was not at all disappointing! The entire episode revolved around Nick & Jess being forced to kiss because of a game they were playing. When they were forced by their friends to go in the back and do it, Nick said, "No, not like this!" which hinted that he had feelings for Jess. At the very end of the episode, Nick surprised us all by grabbing Jess by the arm and passionately kissing her. Then walked away from her like it was no big deal. Left me speechless for a few minutes after the episode ended. Now that's a kiss!

Ross & Rachel
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