5 Blood Curdling Horror Movies for Halloween ...


5 Blood Curdling Horror Movies for Halloween ...
5 Blood Curdling Horror Movies for Halloween ...

I'm here to share some bloodcurdling horror movies for Halloween.

Halloween is the perfect time to scare yourself with a spooky movie. There are tons of choices out there, and that can make it hard to figure out which one you want to watch. Here are the best bloodcurdling horror movies for Halloween. Get ready to be scared!

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"Happy Death Day" (2017)

From Blumhouse and Universal, "Happy Death Day" is currently in theaters. It was released on Friday the 13th, which is perfect marketing. For those who haven't seen it yet, you should go out and buy a ticket now. Jessica Rothe's acting is just one of the reasons to watch it. The other is because it's a slasher version of "Groundhog Day." This is one of the best bloodcurdling horror movies for Halloween.


"Happy Death Day enchants with its twisty plot and dark humor, inviting viewers to unravel the mystery alongside its heroine. The film taunts with campy thrills as you witness the protagonist, Tree Gelbman, relive her murder in countless, alarming ways. Rothe brilliantly captures Tree's evolution from bewildered victim to empowered survivor, all while racing against the clock to unmask her killer. It's a delightful scare fest that cleverly combines humor with horror, making it a must-see for fans looking for a unique cinematic treat this spooky season."


"the Houses October Built" (2014)

"The Houses October Built" is perfect because it mixes an interesting look at real haunted house attractions, as well as a creepy storyline. Brandy, Zack, Jeff, Bobby, and Mikey decide to go around to some of the most extreme haunted houses. They film their experiences, as well as interview those who are part of the haunted house attractions. The group later learns the hard way that it wasn't the best idea to go looking for these extreme haunts. The sequel was released recently too.


"City of the Living Dead" (1980)

There are many Italian horror films to watch during October. One that I've picked goes to the gory, but freaky "City of the Living Dead." Directed by famed director Lucio Fulci, "City of the Living Dead" will have you on the edge of your seat, as well as on the verge of throwing up. But don't let that sway you from watching it. It's also the first of what is called Fulci's "Gates of Hell Trilogy." The others that are part of the trilogy are "The Beyond" and "House by the Cemetery."


"Devil Times Five" (1974)

It seems that horror just loves having innocent looking children be evil. "Devil Times Five" is also known as "Peopletoys," which is an even creepier title. After a car accident, the children need a place to stay, so they decide to see what the adults are doing at a secluded mountaintop winter home. Leif Garrett also starred as one of the killer children.


"Dracula: Prince of Darkness" (1966)

It isn't Halloween without seeing a Christopher Lee horror movie or a Hammer movie. "Dracula: Prince of Darkness" is the third entry in Hammer's "Dracula" series. In this one, a group of tourists finds themselves in need of shelter, and the castle where they find it just so happens to be Dracula's house. The scene of Dracula's resurrection is pretty gut-wrenching too.

I hope you found at least one movie to watch this Halloween. Have fun!

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