7 Celebs from Pretty Little Liars Who Love to Live-Tweet during the Show ...


Luckily for all us PLL-crazed fans, there are so many celebs from Pretty Little Liars that love to live-tweet during new episodes. The season 4 finale just recently aired (I'm still not over it...at all) and now we have to wait until the summer for season 5. My biggest source of entertainment through that finale was the cast's Twitter feed. They were experiencing as many different emotions as I was and trust me, there were a lot. Check out a few of the celebs from Pretty Little Liars that are great at live-tweeting. Then, let me know your reactions to that PLL finale. Let's talk Ezra!

1. Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson is definitely one my favorite "Little Liars". I think she's a fashionista with a bad-ass edgy vibe and I totally love it. She's always really great with live-tweeting through new episodes. She's constantly tweeting witty remarks - usually poking fun at her own character, Hanna Marin. During the finale, her Twitter feed was hilarious. Remember when Hanna went all "tough girl" on us at the very end? Well, it reminded Ashley of her role in "Spring Breakers" so of course, she tweeted, "Spring break forever y'all". LOL! She's just one of my favorite celebs from Pretty Little Liars.

Shay Mitchell
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