Did You Know Crying during Movies Means You're a Stronger Person ?

By Jennifer

Everything makes me cry -- movies, podcasts, even sappy TV commercials. But while I used to think that was a sign of weakness, I've recently discovered it's actually the opposite, that crying during movies means I'm strong, and overall awesome AF. Here's why.

1 Empathy, Baby

anime, cartoon, mouth, screenshot, mangaka, While there are a lot of times in life when it can be used against you, it's actually really helpful in general to have empathy. And crying during movies (and commercials, FFS) shows that you have empathy, and lots of it. Sure, you spend a lot of money on tissues (more about that later), but it's so much better than being a sociopath.

2 People Trust You

hair, person, face, facial hair, beard, When you show emotion and empathy, and you joke about it a little in a self-deprecating way, it helps people trust you more. How amazing is that?! It makes sense, when you think about it. You have a big heart, so you're a little more trustworthy.

3 You're Brave!

hair, human hair color, color, red, face, In this cruel, cold world, it takes a lot of courage to wear your heart on your sleeve (which is probably stuffed with Kleenex, right?). Having such empathy means you're leaving yourself open for heartbreak, but you're brave, so you're okay with that potential for sadness and woe, Grey's Anatomy-style or in the real world.

4 You Bounce

blond, muscle, I'm, gonna, fine., No matter how much and how hard Finding Dory made me cry, by the end, I felt so much better! Being so openly and freely emotional, especially during movies, means you bounce back quickly after an emotional set-back, even in real life. It's almost like you're building up your emotional endurance.

5 Speaking of...

face, hair, nose, skin, hairstyle, Speaking of real life, bouncing back quickly after a movie actually does translate to bouncing back quickly in reality, too. Truly, being emotional during a movie is excellent practice for actually having a heart in the real world.

6 The Release is Healthy

musician, emotions!, emotions!, Just like when you feel better when you see a movie that makes you laugh, seeing a film that makes you cry is so good for stress-relief and for release. Humans just feel better after a good cry, whether that cry was for a real-life reason, or because it was devastating when Katniss lost Rue. OMFG. Seriously. Let's not even talk about Prim.

7 It's Good for the Economy

The, economy!, Well, it's good for Kleenex stock, anyway. If you weren't so emotional at the movies (and while watching TV), you wouldn't use so much Kleenex. If you didn't use so much Kleenex, perhaps they'd have to lay people off... and the very thought of that makes me a little ... emotional.

Do movies make you cry, too? Which ones make you cry the most? And what about commercials? Do tell!

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