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It’s isn’t just that the stars are so buff (sometimes they aren’t) that women see men being attractive in the movies. There are men on the silver screen who act in a way that would send most women running, and yet they are loved across the world. For example, Tyler Durden is mentally unhinged, and Rhett Butler smiles incessantly. These things would scare away most women, but the actors pull it off because there is something else at play. Want to know who you should be studying? Want to know the secrets? Want to know how you can emulate men being attractive in the movies and make it work for you? Read on!

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Dean Martin in Mostly Every Film He Has Been in

Dean Martin in Mostly Every Film He Has Been in Dean chases women in ways that many would consider constitutes stalking and even mild assault. Yet, he somehow manages to be very attractive in almost all of his movies. He shows examples of men being attractive in the movies through their actions and not their words. He may be bugging a woman and calling her beautiful whilst she rolls her eyes, but his smile is charming, his body language is calm but dominant, and he talks with a silky smooth voice that melts most women. Usually in the movie the woman falls for him after he sings to her, but in real life she would have started giving way long before.


Viggo Mortensen Playing Aragorn

Viggo Mortensen Playing Aragorn In The Lord of the Rings trilogy many find Aragorn to be strong, tough, honorable, independent, confident and heroic. They are all qualities that women find attractive in men.


Johnny Depp Playing Cap'n Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp Playing Cap'n Jack Sparrow Cap'n Jack Sparrow is unhinged, self-centered and untamed like Tyler Durden from Fight Club. But Tyler and Jack have two massive differences. Tyler is aggressively self-centered and direct. Jack is off-the-wall and passively sneaky but does not have a direct self imposed agenda. Scenes to note: He sails into harbor on a sinking ship; every time he explains a plan; every time he talks to an authority figure.


Brad Pitt Playing Tyler Durden

Brad Pitt Playing Tyler Durden He’s unhinged, self centered and untamed. He is the opposite of every dull guy who has ever hit on a woman. Women envision Tyler’s stories as more than “who stole a paperclip in the office today.” Even the sex scenes show him to be more animal than man, and women love it.


Clark Gable Playing Rhett Butler

Clark Gable Playing Rhett Butler There is a lot of ground to cover as to why Clark Gable is a lady killer in “Gone with the Wind” (1939). What makes him special is that he defies usual romantic levers for men being attractive in the movies. For example, if a guy smiles at a woman too long it comes off as creepy, yet Rhett does it all the time and it’s attractive. Why? He stands with military bearing, has a deep confident voice and manner, and even the way he looks at women is as if he is looking through their clothes, which again would be creepy if other men did it. However, these are all part of his substance.

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Simon Pegg Playing Shaun

Simon Pegg Playing Shaun Simon Pegg is not the best looking guy on earth, but he has a classic everyman charm that bewitches men and women. The best example of this is in “Shaun of the Dead,” where women so easily identify with his character that many women in real life felt it okay to start hugging and kissing him in the street. It is a mass influential phenomenon that we see from time to time, such as when a TV character on a fictional show dies and the studio receives flowers.


Will Smith in Most of His Movies

Will Smith in Most of His Movies If you want to see great examples of men being attractive in the movies, then watch Will Smith in “most” of his movies. He has a cocky confidence about him that comes off as inoffensive and charming. It is possible to have a cocky confidence and it be attractive in a different way. For example, “Joey” from the TV show Friends has a cocky confidence, as do most of the James Bond characters, but Will Smith uses his charm inoffensively and it is very charming. Scenes to note: Independence Day, when he talks to his wife; I Am Legend, he explains about watching Shrek; Men in Black, most of it, but especially when he shoots the girl picture in the shooting range; The Pursuit of Happyness, all of it; Enemy of the State, when he is trying to buy lingerie.

The attitude of these men is what is so attractive, to the point where their actions and words are superseded by their unbreakable, in-built attitude. Jack Sparrow acts as he does because his attitude is that the world is his playground. Aragorn is a hero because he is shaping the world as he wants it and is not acting to gain people’s praise. Even when Dean Martin is chasing a woman with almost stalker-like behavior, his attitude is that of a man who thinks “She would be lucky to have me.” Every character on this list is defined by his attitude to the point where actions, words and even body language are pushed aside. You can have the clothes, the flash car, the look and style but if you want to have the success of these men being attractive in the movies, it’s the attitude you need to work on. Which actors or screen character would you most like to emulate?

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