Faction Fans the First "Insurgent" Movie Trailer is Finally Here ...


The first trailer for the second installment of the Divergent series is finally here! The "Insurgent" trailer was released on Friday, December 12th and has got me SO excited for the movie's March release. Unlike the teaser that came out a month ago, the official trailer features Theo James AND Ansel Elgort. What more could anyone want?! Watch here:

Are you excited for the film? Have you read the series already?

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I liked her hair long for divergent :(

Looks good, but different from the book. Her hair was nicer long.

Did the director OR WRITERS even read the book?

I agree the trailer looks insanely different from the book

What the hell is with the box?! A lot of that stuff doesn't happen at all!!! I hope the movie is better than its trailer!

Agggghhhhhhh! I can't wait!!!!

I am so happy

I wish they didn't divert from the book so much:(

Box? There is nooo box in the book!

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