7 Facts and Things to Know about the New Doctor Who ...


With the new series just kicked off on BBC1, it’s a good time to share some things to know about the new Doctor Who. The 12th Doctor is Peter Capaldi. It may not be a name you immediately recognize but unlike David Tennant and Matt Smith who were relative unknowns before they entered the TARDIS, Peter Capaldi has already had a long and distinguished career. With this and the immense fan base eager for news, there’s plenty of things to know about the new Doctor Who.

1. Who is the New Doctor Who?

The man stepping into the famous role is Peter Capaldi, a Scottish actor who is a very familiar face on British TV. He was born in Glasgow in 1958, and at 56 years of age is one of the oldest to play Doctor Who – William Hartnell was 55 when he first started filming the Doctor too. For many, it was a surprise when the answer to “who is the new Doctor Who” was Peter Capaldi.

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