13 Famous Lines in Movies That Were Improvised on the Spot ...

While we all quote them, not many of us know that some of the most famous lines in movies were actually improvised right ton the spot. Actors have this amazing talent of getting to know the characters they are playing. Sometimes when the camera is rolling, they tap so far into their character and create memorable lines that have been remembered ever since, or sometimes they just forget their line and go with it. But no matter what caused the improvised line, here are some of the most famous lines in movies that were completely made up on the spot.

1. “Here’s Johnny” from the Shining

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One of the scariest movies out there is the source of one of the most famous lines in movies that was improvised. When Jack Nicholson chopped his way into the bathroom door, he improvised the line based off of the late night show with Johnny Carson. The line was made up completely on the spot and has haunted us ever since.

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