10 Famous TV Families ...


10 Famous TV Families ...
10 Famous TV Families ...

Everyone knows a few famous TV families, or else they wouldn’t be famous. Some TV families just stand out among the rest, whether it is show popularity or something special that makes them different. No matter the reasoning, there are definitely some families that deserve recognition above others. Here are ten famous TV families.

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The Cosbys

Who doesn’t know the Cosby family?! Everybody does and that’s why they rank as number one on this list! The Cosbys have to be one of the most loving and most famous TV families out there. Although they had some problems, they all seemed to work out in the end. The Cosbys always seemed, to me, to be a very tight knit family! I really loved watching them. It doesn’t hurt that they’re funny too!


The Simpsons

I definitely just said “The Simpsons” out loud the way they do in the beginning of the theme song. I never really watch this show, but I know for a fact that they’re probably the funniest family on this list. They’re always getting into crazy situations, which makes the show pretty great. They may not always seem to care about each other, like when Homer strangles Bart, but every so often there are some scenes that let you know that, no matter what, they really love each other.


The Bradys

Oh, “The Brady Bunch.” Who can forget about the man named Brady who was living with three boys of his own and so on and so on? That was one crazy household! There were children everywhere! Don’t forget Alice. Even though she wasn’t officially part of the Brady family, it was pretty obvious that she was regarded as one. This is one family that definitely had their fair share of problems (I mean who wouldn’t with six kids?!), but they always worked it out and showed how much they cared about each other. Personally, I always loved Cindy the best.


The Jeffersons

These famous families have some great theme songs too, because I can’t help but sing them every time! The Jeffersons were characters in “All in the Family," and then later got their own spin-off, which is actually where I know them from. I watched “The Jeffersons” first and for some reason hear their name a lot more when talking about famous families than the Bunkers. Who knows why that is, but I don’t mind. I just love the Jeffersons! George and Louise, or Weezy, were so funny together and you could always tell that they were in love even if it didn’t seem so in every episode.


The Sopranos

I never watched “The Sopranos” because I was too young to watch it when it was on. This isn’t like the other families where I’ll say I could always tell how much they loved each other because I wouldn’t know. This family probably was pretty tight too, but that’s not what they’re famous for. “The Sopranos” was a show about the mob. Obviously, this is a family much different than the others on the list. Either way, they are a really famous family whose name pretty much everyone knows.


The Bunkers

Archie Bunker is probably the main reason that this family is famous. On “All in the Family,” Archie was known for his racism and all around ignorance to other people. The thing about TV back then is that a lot of what he said was found funny, but today would be inappropriate. Archie put this family on the map with his sarcastic remarks and cruel words. I can’t lie, even though what he says would be considered inappropriate today, I still can’t help but laugh. To watch the Bunkers on “All in the Family,” you just have to remember that times were different.


The Partridges

I loved “The Partridge Family"! I thought that their dynamic was a little weird since they were a family band, but I couldn’t help but love them anyway. This was another show ahead of my time, but I have a thing for TV shows older than me. Even though the Partridges may have been a little weird, they were always a lot of fun to watch. I can’t remember episodes too clearly, but I can remember some songs they sang and what they all looked like. They can definitely go down as one of the most famous TV families.


The Cleavers

I almost forgot about the Cleavers from “Leave it to Beaver” because I wasn’t thinking far back enough! Then I remembered that I’m always talking about June Cleaver, so how could I forget her?! The Cleavers seemed to be the perfect family. Of course, that has more to do with how TV families were in the 50s, but still they were perfect. They had sons that got into a little bit of trouble every once in a while, but it was never anything too series.


The Tanners

I can’t help but love the Tanners. They have one of the weirdest families on this list. Most of the people that are in “Full House” aren’t even part of the Tanner family, but are considered to be family members. This is one of those shows that support the idea that family isn’t just the one you’re born into; it’s also the one you create. Even though I put the Tanners down as the family I’m talking about, I mean the extended family too.


The Winslows

It was really Urkel that put the Winslows on the map, but no matter what we know them for, we still know them. They probably aren’t as famous as the rest of the families on this list, but theirs is a show that really puts family first. I mean, the name of their show is “Family Matters,” so what else could it be about?! This is definitely one family that knows what family is about. They even include Urkel in their family, even if it doesn’t seem like it most of the time.

Not every family is the same, but as long as they care about each other that’s all that matters. A lot of things can be said about these families, but nobody can say that they don’t care about each other. Are there any you disagree with? Which families would you have on your list?

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The Barons from 'Everybody loves Raymond'

The Bravermen!

Full house <3

The Bundys they were by far the funniest! Love Christina Applegate in that show!

The Tanners are my favorite TV family! Love them!

Everyone says my dad looks like John Stamos from Full House

I have only heard of half of these family's

The family from family guy

Where are the Bundys ?!

The Bundy's were an infamous TV family.

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