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I won't lie—I'm a bit obsessed with food. I love learning about food history, science, and culture. I love art and literature about food. So, naturally, I also love watching food documentaries! If you're a foodie like me, I'm sure you'll eat these films right up!

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Food Inc

This was the food documentary that started my obsession, and many of my friends', with food documentaries. Food Inc. forces you to look at your plate in a different way and really think about what you are putting in your body. I fully recommend this movie, but I will warn you: don't watch this movie if you aren't willing to change the way you eat, because you may want to after watching this!


Jiru Dreams of Sushi

Jiru Dreams of Sushi transports you to a different world while you watch it. This documentary not only gives insight into sushi culture and preparation, but also inspires you to discover your passion and devote yourself fully to it. When you do, the world is your oyster!



I might be biased due to an absolute obsession with Michael Pollan, but I think it's fair to say that “Cooked” is one of the best series about food out there. Cooked takes on a historical, scientific, and anthropological approach to food (just to name a few!) so it can really satisfy everyone’s taste.


The French Chef

You can't forget the classics! I had always heard about Julia Child, but hadn't actually seen an episode of her show until recently. She's such an adorable hostess and talented chef. Even if you can't master the dishes she creates, they are fun to try out or just watch her make.


Supersize Me

A modern classic of sorts, "Supersize Me" is a film that got a lot of people thinking about what they ate more than ever before. In this documentary, a man decides to eat only McDonald's for 30 days. Watch "Supersize Me" if you want to find out how on Earth his body dealt with that!


A Matter of Taste

On the opposite end of the spectrum from fast food like McDonald's is haute cuisine served in restaurants you might go to once every 30 years rather than 30 days a month! If haute cuisine interests you at all, I recommend you check out this documentary about a very talented young chef named Paul Liebrandt who has had remarkable success in his very unique style of cooking.



First and foremost, I have to acknowledge how beautiful this movie is. I don't even drink wine, but this film had me craving it! If wine is your favorite food (it comes from grapes, so it counts, right?) you ought to watch this documentary! This movie follows four wine sommeliers as they prepare for the test which will earn them the title of "Master Sommelier". But you will learn so much more than just facts about wine; you'll see that each bottle has a story and each somm is an artist.

Did any of these delectable documentaries whet your appetite? Or do you have some other personal favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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That Sugar Film is another great one!!!

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