7 Fun Musicals That I Love and You Will Too ...

Who doesn’t like fun musicals? I’ve done theater for years and have not only been in fun shows, but seen some as well. You know, those fun musicals that just make you feel good from beginning to end. These are a few that I love that I think you will too.

1. Once upon a Mattress

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I performed in this fun musical my senior year of high school. The directors chose “Once Upon A Mattress” saying, “We just wanted a play that was happy and funny from start to finish.” And that it was! This play follows Winifred, aka Fred, in this whimsical tale of the “Princess and the Pea” as she looks to marry Dauntless, a more feminine man to the rough around the edges princess that Fred is. If you’re looking for laughs and an all-around good time, make sure to see this show!

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