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Girls with a GSOH Should Check out These Australian Shows ...

By Lucy

These Australian reality-based TV shows will having you laughing and cringing at the same time!

Even if you're not living in Australia, a lot of these shows have been based on previous UK and US versions so you'll definitely be able to watch them online!

Have you seen any of these and do you have a favourite?

1 The Bachelor

Similar to the American version of the show, The Bachelor is about 20 something beautiful women all hoping they will find true love with the one lucky man who is 'the bachelor'. They will compete each other for his affection and eventually his love, until only one woman remains. The bachelor is also expected to propose to the winning woman, fishing out a glitzy engagement ring from his pocket on the finale episode.

2 Married at First Sight

This hilarious and cringe-worthy TV show is about hopeless romantic individuals who are placed with their supposedly 'perfect match' determined by relationship experts. The experiment will see these couples marry upon first laying eyes on their 'partner' before moving in together and meeting their families. Their strength as a couple will be tested as we find out who can overcome all the hurdles and who will break it off.

3 MasterChef

Similar to MasterChef US, the contestants start out as a large number and slowly dwindle down until there is only one winner. Over the series, they must participate in various cook-off challenges (both as a team and individually) and serve up a winning dish for the panel of tough judges at the end.

4 Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the Geek is about an equal number of supposedly simple, beautiful women and nerdy, clever men. They are paired together to form teams as they undergo challenges targeted at both the women's and the men's strengths and weaknesses. At the end, one winning team will be crowned Beauty and the Geek Australia winners.

5 The Block

Watch four teams completely renovate broken-down houses, slowly doing it up room by room in their weekly challenges. When all houses have been finished they will be sold through a tense and suspenseful auction, leaving one team as the ultimate winner with the most money above reserve price.

6 Australia's Next Top Model

Watch a large group of hopeful young women slowly decrease in numbers as one girl leaves the tough competition every week. The girls will participate in various modelling shoots with different focuses, aiming to produce a great photo that will deem them worthy to see another week in the competition.

7 The X Factor

Based on the successful 'X Factor UK' series, the Australian version is focused on finding a new singing sensation to be crowned the winner. Contestants will first have to make it through the initial auditions before hoping to make it through the following rounds. Each week the competition gets more fierce and the tension rises as the numbers continue to drop.

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