8 Great Contenders for Fifty Shades of Grey ...

By Lyndsie

8 Great Contenders for Fifty Shades of Grey ...

With the steamy trilogy still titillating readers all over the world, there's a lot of hype over the biggest contenders for Fifty Shades of Grey. Who's going to play Christian? Who's perfect for Anastasia? I'm not a fan of the novels myself, but if certain contenders for Fifty Shades of Grey end up getting cast, I'm going to have to watch the films no matter what. If you are a fan, I bet you've got lots of your own opinions. See if the top contenders match up with the actors on your wish list – and, if not, share your dream cast with us!

1 Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder is one of the biggest contenders for Fifty Shades of Grey, and with good reason. Those icy blue eyes, smoldering good looks, and wicked smirk make him perfect on the surface, but this beautiful boy is also a killer actor. He's got skill, as we've seen on TVD, and if anyone can bring a sultry sadistic vibe to the big screen, while still showcasing a melting sort of vulnerability, it's Ian. And he is the only way I will see these movies; I just won't have a choice!

2 Alexis Bledel

Little Rory Gilmore as Anastasia... Actually, although I initially did a double take, I can kind of see this. Some intrepid fan somewhere even made a steamy little faux trailer featuring her with the next contender. She's got the right style of innocent sweetness, yet there's something behind those big blue eyes that might just make her the ideal Ana.

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3 Chris Hemsworth

Thor as Christian Grey? Just recently, in fact, he's made a big leap in the polls. If you've ever seen Rush, you can probably understand why. In interviews, he's professed an adorable bit of shyness about even talking about the novels. Among fans, he's right up there with Ian.

4 Allison Williams

One of the standout actresses from HBO's Girls is reportedly a shoe-in, at least as of April 23. I don't quite believe that; I don't think there will be any official cast announcements without some sort of fanfare. Still, after first expressing a decided lack of enthusiasm over ever doing any nude scenes, Allison allegedly finally read the novels and became “intrigued.”

5 Matt Bomer

Steamy, sultry Matt Bomer is another big contender for Christian Grey. I could see this one too, there's even something about him in “White Collar.” Fans are already putting together photo collages that prove his worthiness as the BDSM master, and if you look through them, really, you can see the point.

6 Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson

This one's a two-for, because I can't tell if people are seriously considering the couple or not. Certainly, since Fifty Shades is based on a Twilight fan fiction and, as a result, Christian and Ana have quite a lot in common with Edward and Bella, it would make sense. Do I think other of them could really carry off these roles? Not necessarily – and the powers-that-be definitely wouldn't be able to make good on a lot of the raunchier scenes in the books, because you know Twilight teen fans would appear in droves.

7 Zac Efron

I was amazed to see Zac's name on the list of Christian contenders, not because I think he's a bad actor – he's paying his dues, and while there's still a ways to go, he's improved loads since his High School Musical Days. But has he emerged from the kid-friendly Disney cocoon enough to take on this kind of role? He's definitely become a hottie with a body, but is that enough?

8 Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy, who has the wholesome looks of a Disney good girl herself, is thought to be topping the list for Anastasia actresses. She's paid some dues herself, courtesy of Gossip Girl and Melrose Place, and she does have that look about her. Even if she doesn't get the lead, fans would love to see her as Kate – which is awesome, because nobody seems very concerned with who's playing the more secondary characters.

Every day brings us closer to finding out who will round out the cast. In fact, by the time you see this, it might be finalized – finally! But up to this point, these are the biggest contenders for the major roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey films. Who are your top contenders and why?

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Please let it be Matt Bomer!

Ian is the only one

Chris Hemsworth!!!

No one should play Christian and Anastasia because this series should not be made into a movie. It's one of the worst books I've ever read and just completely terrible in every sense of the word. A terrible misrepresentation of the BDSM community and literally the most atrocious writing that's ever been published. Sorry but no.

Ian is Christian, I don't even watch TVD but he is perfect. I really like Bomer but I see him as really sweet guy, sorry I don't see him in a sexual way at all!!

Alexis Bledel is perfect

It's Ian Somerhalder. End of story.



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