8 Great Movies for Dog Lovers ...


Dog movies span the gamut of film genre with just the one thing in common – they all feature a loveable furry four legged friend or two. From Disney classic cartoons to robotic creations, dog films have mass appeal. Be prepared to watch as lovable canines get up to all manner of adventures that any human movie star would be proud of. Laugh at them and with them, wince when they are injured, shake your head at their chicanery, awe at their triumphs over adversity and bawl your eyes out at their untimely demise. Movies about dogs can be enjoyed by all ages and both sexes. Pull up a pew, settle down and enjoy these 8 Great Movies for Dog Lovers.

1. Turner and Hooch


Imagine being obsessively clean and house proud and having to suddenly give room to 100lbs of slobbering dog that chews everything in sight. Tom Hanks is all set to head off to a nice new police job when Hooch’s owner is murdered. Naturally Hanks has to stay and solve the case. That’s all the plot I’m going to tell you about one of the best cop buddy dog movies. Hooch may be massive (he’s a French Mastiff btw) but he’s adorable.

Lady and the Tramp
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