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17 Halloween Horror Fixes in 20 Mins ...

By Lyndsie

There’s nothing like 💙 a good 👍 horror flick to get you in the mood for Halloween, but finding the time 🕡 to sit down ⬇️ and watch 📺 a traditional 👘 scary 👻 movie 🎥 isn’t easy, plus ➕ it’s hard to find anything legitimately scary 👹 anymore. There’s an easy solution for both of those problems, though: turn 🎲 your attention ⚠️ to Youtube, where you can get a horror fix 🔧 in 20 minutes ⏰ or less -- a new 🆕 fix, a fresh 🍓 fix, a fix 🔧 you haven’t seen a million times already. You can watch ⌚ these short horror movies 🎥 on 🔛 the bus 🚌 or train, during lunch, or even at the gym. You might think you can’t possibly be terrified in 20 minutes ⌛ … but you’d be wrong.

1 Night Night Nancy

This one 1️⃣ had me creeped out almost instantly! The walk, the mask 👹 .. gross!

2 He Took His Skin off for Me

Okay, this one 1️⃣ is just weird. I don't like 😻 things that involve skin in general but for it to scare 👻 me within the first 1️⃣ minute? Jesus.

3 2AM- the Smiling Man

This one 1️⃣ is a little creepy, it is one 1️⃣ of my worst fears too when I'm walking 👣 around the neighborhood or … you know, taking the trash 🚮 out.

4 Bedfellows

Oh man, this one 1️⃣ scared 😱 me so badly! It's so creepy 👺 when you get a phone 📱 call 📞 in the middle of the night 🌓 but that face? Scary!

5 Vicious

This one 1️⃣ is a little bit longer but still about 12 minutes ⏰ and it is CREEPY. You'll love 💜 it if you love horror films.

6 Mama

I hate 👎 scary 👻 films with children, they just creep me out in general but this one? It seriously scared 😨 me.

7 Hi

The suspense in this one 1️⃣ is crazy!

8 The Cop Cam

So, this one 1️⃣ looks real. Basically, the cop 👮🏿 is called to an abandoned home 🏡 and what he finds there is ... it's scary.

9 Clickbait

These types of things actually freak me out because … they could happen right? We're on 🔘 our computers so much!

10 Victim

So, I have a confession, the Slender Man 👳 freaks me out and that is why this one 1️⃣ is so scary.

11 Downstairs

This guy 👤 was just waiting on 🔛 instructions, he is a new 🆕 security 👮🏿 guard 👮🏿 that is getting trained. Instructions? Don't go downstairs.

12 Behind the Door

This one 1️⃣ scared 😨 me right ☑️ off 📴 the bat. Did it do the same to you?

13 Peekers

Why do older people 🚸 insist on 🔛 being creepy? That's what this one 1️⃣ is all about.

14 Jack

This one 1️⃣ is under 2 minutes ⌚ and it already made me scared! My kids are never getting one 1️⃣ of these toys.

15 Diner

Were they kidnapped? How'd they get into this house? All of it is creepy 👺 af.

16 Charlie

Do you all remember those chain 🔗 emails that happened way back 🔙 when? This is one 1️⃣ of them coming true!

17 Rake

Don't go camping, this guy 👤 will ruin it! The monster 👺 in this is will freak you out in no 🚫 time.

Now that I've compiled all of the scary 👻 videos for you, how freaked out 😱 are you? Did you watch 📺 them all? I did and I couldn't sleep 💤 that night.

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