9 Incredibly Trendy Fashion Movies Every Stylish Girl Should See ...


Fashion Movies can be inspiring to your own sense of personal style. Odds are, if you know fashion, then you’ll know of these fantastic fashion movies. Big budget Hollywood movies have the expertise, the money and the clothes to show off the most fantabulous and outrageous outfits from famous designers or quirky independent artists. Movies are a brilliant way of getting into the fashion scene and seeing incredible clothes from sharp camera angles. Catwalks, close-ups and stardom, if you’re hungry for fashion inspiration then you need to read these 9 Incredibly Trendy Fashion Movies every Stylish Girl Should See!

1. The Devil Wears Prada


Set in New York, the fashion capital in America, and focusing on a high-end fashion magazine, this film is all about the fashion industry. The employees who work and talk about fashion must look the job, so there are an incredible amount of stunning office-chic outfits any businesswoman would dream of having. Meryl Streep, in particular, looks fantastic. A film about an aspiring journalist working her way up in the fashion world is a Cinderella story with hard-hitting designer clothes, feisty characters and to-die-for dresses.

Sex and the City
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