10 Interesting Facts about Grace Kelly ...


There are many interesting facts about Grace Kelly, who is still considered an icon both on and off screen. Princess Grace died tragically in 1982; she suffered a stroke while driving back to Monaco with her daughter and drove off the road. She survived the crash, but died in the hospital the next day; her daughter, Stéphanie, was not harmed. Although it is by now well known that her fairy tale marriage wasn't really so storybook perfect, Grace Kelly remains the epitome of grace, style, beauty, and royalty for many people. I've been interested in her for years, so I hope you get just as much pleasure from these truly interesting facts about Grace Kelly as I did.

1. The Princess Diaries

One of the most interesting facts about Grace Kelly has to be her marriage to Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco. Their meeting, which took place while Kelly was filming To Catch a Thief, was part of the publicity blitz for the film. Supposedly, the prince was partly eager to marry the beautiful young star in the hopes of bringing more tourism to Monaco. He even required a dowry from her family.

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