Your Favorite Show Might Be Based on an Awesome Comic Book ...

Those of you who grew up reading comics should be intrigued by comic based television shows. While the following is a great collection of choices, you should know that the powers that be are hard at working preparing for further releases. They range from a spin-off of The Walking Dead to Supergirl. Without further delay, letโ€™s discuss some intriguing comic based television shows you may be missing/have missed.

1. Gotham

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As the season comes to a close, itโ€™s been an incredible journey with this comic book based television show. This show doesnโ€™t stick strictly to the DCโ€™s Batman comic books, but itโ€™s still engaging and fun to learn about the early lives of our most beloved characters. It focuses more on Gordon, who isnโ€™t the police chief just yet and Bruce Wayne is still a curious young man attempting to solve the mystery of his parentsโ€™ deaths. My favorite character so far is, of course, Selena Kyle. Check it out!

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