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Those of you who grew up reading comics should be intrigued by comic based television shows. While the following is a great collection of choices, you should know that the powers that be are hard at working preparing for further releases. They range from a spin-off of The Walking Dead to Supergirl. Without further delay, let’s discuss some intriguing comic based television shows you may be missing/have missed.

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As the season comes to a close, it’s been an incredible journey with this comic book based television show. This show doesn’t stick strictly to the DC’s Batman comic books, but it’s still engaging and fun to learn about the early lives of our most beloved characters. It focuses more on Gordon, who isn’t the police chief just yet and Bruce Wayne is still a curious young man attempting to solve the mystery of his parents’ deaths. My favorite character so far is, of course, Selena Kyle. Check it out!


While this Superman-based show is no longer on the air, you can purchase the complete series via iTunes. All ten seasons are now available and offer you action packed episodes with plenty of surprises. It also allows you to follow the love story that has always been brewing under the surface this whole time.


The DC comic Arrow depicts the story of Oliver Queen and this series embodies it well. The hooded archer is similar to Batman in the fact that he is a playboy turned vigilante. However, there is a five year absence in which is far different from Bruce Wayne’s journey. Its fourth season starts January 21st.


The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead is based on the Image Comics book, which began in 2003. Luckily for us, AMC purchased the rights to transform it into an amazing series. If you haven’t become addicted to this series, you really should start watching it. At first when I heard of it, I was like, “Meh.” However, since I caught up on the first three seasons on Netflix and followed it more actively, I’ve grown to really love this cast of characters. Carol is the ultimate zombie series hero!


The Flash
DC’s The Flash is great as well. It follows the trials and tribulations of Barry Allen. Much like the science gone wrong notions that are familiar to comic fans, you’ll learn how Allen became The Flash and how he helps the public with this supercharged power. If you loved The Flash growing up, this series will not disappoint you.


Marvel’s Agents of Shield
This Marvel-based show begins after the Avenger’s movie and presents the need for a strategically created force to fight against criminal masterminds in New York. The agents go on covert missions and examine ways to eliminate criminal elements, as they did in the Avengers movie, by assembling a team of operatives.


Constantine is also a great option. This series is based on DC’s Hellblazer comic, which first appeared in 1988. John Constantine fights against the forces of evil with a specific skill set. He can send them back where they came from and fast. While the comic ends with Issue #300, this TV show provides you with more visual effects and continuations of the storyline.

Comic-based movies and television shows have been ever popular with a wide audience. They provide the physical embodiment of some of our absolute favorite heroes. What are some of your favorite comic book heroes?

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Totally freaking out cause I'm a walking dead fan and my favorite character is no other than the badass Daryl Dixon


I loooove 'The walking dead' 😆

walking dead is my favourite, can't wait til it comes on again

Why does everyone like the walking dead? Zombies terrify me. They always have.

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