7 Lessons Clueless Taught Me. ...


How can a girl not totally adore Clueless?! We love guest contributor Lillian's nostalgic post on some rather important lessons from everyone's favorite chick flick!

From her major clothing ensembles to her way existential opinions, Cher Horowitz from the 1995 film, "Clueless" to this day undoubtedly affects my fashion and everyday life choices...even if she was so totally clueless. The following information may not make you a total Betty, or cause your ex- step-brother to fall in love with you, but read on to get the skinny on some helpful lessons this timeless chick flick taught me.

1. Not Everyone is Going to like You

This one is a harsh realization for most people like me who see the world through rose-colored glasses. If you’re nice and relatively sweet to others; why shouldn’t they want to be my friend? Or in Cher’s case, why would the guy you’re crushing on like someone else? Sometimes you just have to learn that you can’t make everyone fall in love with you or like you as a friend even. Because let’s face it, they’re probably just jealous of your popularity or your extensive collection of Calvin Klein.

2. It’s Okay to Be Hymenally Challenged

Maybe you’re highly selective and haven’t found your Luke Perry y