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7 Lessons Clueless Taught Me. ...

By Lillian

How can a girl not totally adore Clueless?! We love guest contributor Lillian's nostalgic post on some rather important lessons from everyone's favorite chick flick!

From her major clothing ensembles to her way existential opinions, Cher Horowitz from the 1995 film, "Clueless" to this day undoubtedly affects my fashion and everyday life choices...even if she was so totally clueless. The following information may not make you a total Betty, or cause your ex- step-brother to fall in love with you, but read on to get the skinny on some helpful lessons this timeless chick flick taught me.

1 Not Everyone is Going to like You

This one is a harsh realization for most people like me who see the world through rose-colored glasses. If you’re nice and relatively sweet to others; why shouldn’t they want to be my friend? Or in Cher’s case, why would the guy you’re crushing on like someone else? Sometimes you just have to learn that you can’t make everyone fall in love with you or like you as a friend even. Because let’s face it, they’re probably just jealous of your popularity or your extensive collection of Calvin Klein.

2 It’s Okay to Be Hymenally Challenged

Maybe you’re highly selective and haven’t found your Luke Perry yet. Cher lets us know that it’s best not to lose it to a guy you have lukewarm feelings for. I mean, waiting a while doesn’t make you a prude!

3 We All Fall for Cake Boy at One Time or Another

We all know we’ve fallen for a totally perfect guy who dresses better than us and knows all the hippest lingo and then turned out to play for the other team. Am I right, girls? Cher describes this as a bonehead move, but who knows? He could make an absolutely phat shopping partner.

4 Boys Are Totally Buggin’

Okay so like, Cher was totally freakin’ when she realized she liked Josh, but Josh was just as scared as she was to admit his feelings for her! Granted, he did make the bold move of kissing her in the end (I give him major snaps for this), but Clueless teaches us that boys are just as buggin’ as us when it comes to asking your crush for their digits or telling them that they give you a toothache. Keep in mind that this is like, the 21st century and we can make the first move, too!

5 Donate Your Time Generously to Others

Even though Tai was toe-up, Cher and Dion befriended her and things turned out way dope. This just goes to show that we should all be nice to the new kid because we could all be in that situation some day. Don’t judge someone based on their first appearance either, Tai was totally sweet and really opened up when they did her a crutch.

6 Being Clueless Isn’t a Bad Thing

I mean sure, we should all try to educate ourselves and keep up on the latest news, but Cher seemed so happy in her perfect little world. Wouldn’t we all be kvelling if all we had to stress about was which clogs to break in or which Alaia to wear to a party? Cher’s innocence makes me wish that our world wasn’t so crude and serious all the time. Maybe we should all take a deep breath and realize that if we worry too much we’ll go ballistic.

7 There is a Happy Ending

It did take the entire film for Cher to figure out she loved Josh, and she seemed pretty postal until that point, but given time, everything seemed to work out for her. Sure, this is just a movie and Hollywood and all, but in real life, I think we need to brighten our outlooks. Even if some days make us want to ralph, there’s bound to be something way existential in your future! So be positive!

I hope this post inspired you to re-watch this classic comedy. It's chalk-full of fashion ideas and advice you can apply to daily life! That's all for now, I'm outie.

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