7 Lessons from Twilight We Should All Learn ...


There are actually a lot of lessons from Twilight we could all learn from, most of them less obvious than what you think! It’s not all just about holding out for your undying love and falling in to a pit of depression (ahem, we’re looking at you Bella Swan), but lessons of life, family, and compassion. So brace yourselves for 7 lessons from Twilight we should all learn.

1. Family Comes First

One of the biggest lessons from Twilight we should all walk away with is just how important family is. Every family that’s in the novels shows this. The Cullen’s really made their own family, and the second Edward declared his love for Bella, the rest of the hotter-than-heck vampire clan accepted her just the same. They protected her, watched out for her family, and took on her troubles as well. Jacob did the same with his family too, because when the pack called, he was there.

Conquer Your Fears
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