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7 Life Lessons to Learn from Disney Villains ...

By Kelly

We all grew up learning the life lessons that Disney princesses taught us, but there is actually a lot to learn from Disney villains. We never think to take a lesson from the people who ruin a “happily ever after,” but some of the Disney villains teach us valuable life lessons that can surprisingly make us better people. While we should not aspire to be exactly like these Disney villains, there are a few things we can take away from them.

1 Love Your Body

Love Your Body Ursula was one of my favorite Disney villains because she truly knew what it meant to love your body. While Ariel had a tiny body and beautiful hair, Ursula was rocking the curves, and knew she was beautiful. She rocked those curves and was undeniably confident, and that is a lesson we can all learn.

2 Have Loyal Friends

Have Loyal Friends What Disney villain doesn’t have a band of loyal followers who respect their leader? Cruella de Vil had the burglars, Scar had the hyenas, and Maleficent had her creepy little bird. They might not be the most desirable friends, but it shows how important it is to surround yourself with people who see the great in you.

3 Go after What You Want

Go after What You Want All of the Disney villains are villains because they are working towards what they want and are not afraid to work towards their goals. They don’t have the best intentions, but they are determined and persistent. Of course evil never wins in Disney movies, but that determination and persistence can help you a lot in the real world.

4 Remember Your past

Remember Your past Villains just don't pop up overnight. Hook lost his hand, Hades was banished by his brother, and Maleficent was shunned from the castle. They understood that their past shaped their present and used it to fuel their dreams and goals.

5 Dress Fabulously

Dress Fabulously You rarely see a Disney villain looking like a mess in rags. In fact, most of them wear lavish outfits and always look put together. Take Cruella de Vil. I do not condone wearing fur, but she sure knew how to rock her outfits. You do not need to be evil to know how amazing it feels to look fabulous all the time.

6 You Don’t Need a Man

You Don’t Need a Man While the princesses always get the guy, the villains are not afraid to ride solo. They are never after they guy. They are never running through the woods looking for their Prince Charming. They don’t need a man to make them powerful and to accomplish what they want.

7 Be Confident

Be Confident Name one Disney villain who is shy, quiet, and sits politely in the corner. They rarely exist. Gaston even had a song about how great he is. While they might not be the nicest people in the world, Disney villains know their strengths and are not afraid to be confident about them.

Some Disney villains have gotten a bad rep when compared to their princess counterparts. But when we look at just the villains, some of them have some redeeming qualities that we can learn from. What did you think of these life lessons to learn from Disney villains? What are some other lessons Disney villains can teach us? Do you think Disney villains are all bad, or that some are just misunderstood?


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