9 Life Lessons to Learn from Mad Men ...


Who doesn’t love Mad Men? The show captures one of my favorite time periods, the fashion is impeccable and who doesn’t swoon at the sight of Don Draper?! Although the drama shows how far we have come as a society, there are some important things to take note from watching the Mad Men characters. Think I’m crazy? Well, take a look at these 9 life lessons to learn from Mad Men and become a believer!

1. Pay Attention to Details

The women of Mad Men know that you never know what adventures lie ahead of you, thus it’s important to look your best at all times. You won’t find anyone traipsing around in sweats with their hair looking a hot mess! A lesson to learn from Mad Men’s ladies and gents is to pay attention to even the smallest of details from cuff links to shades of lipstick.

Be Spontaneous
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