5 Undeniable Reasons Logan Huntzberger is the Underrated Love of Rory's Life ...


5 Undeniable Reasons Logan Huntzberger is the Underrated Love of Rory's Life ...
5 Undeniable Reasons Logan Huntzberger is the Underrated Love of Rory's Life ...

Logan Huntzberger is the Underrated Love of Rory’s Life.

Forget Jess. Logan Huntzberger is the true soul mate for Rory. Now yes, this is a fake show but with Matt Czurchry’s new TV Show on Fox, The Resident, I believe it is time to look back at Czurchry’s younger self as Mr. Huntzberger and to give him the credit that is due.

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Let’s state the obvious. Logan is a beautiful, beautiful man. His looks are on full display in Gilmore Girls and are on full display in his glorious mature suits.


Surely, any fan of the show can recall the way he carries himself with a suave, effortless charm that seems to echo through the halls of Yale and the streets of Stars Hollow. His striking blue eyes and the mischievous grin are more than just swoon-worthy; they’re downright captivating. Every time Logan flashes that smile, it’s clear he's not just a love interest - he's the embodiment of a romantic hero straight out of a classic novel. And let's not forget his tousled blond hair that seems perpetually kissed by the Connecticut sun. Oh, Logan, how you set hearts aflutter!


He Shows Growth

Yes, he is a party boy at the beginning of the show, but come on - college is a time to participate in party boy atmosphere. Yes, he has money but really, should that be held against him? As the show continues he matures with Rory and is always there to support her and listens to her when she expresses the need for a change in their relationship.


His evolution is nothing short of commendable. Logan, unlike Rory's other love interests, visibly takes strides to better himself, not just for his own welfare but for the sake of their relationship. He transitions from Yale's infamous playboy to a professional, taking on responsibilities in his father's business. This transition highlights an important and often overlooked truth—people have layers and they can change. That unwavering commitment to self-improvement and accountability makes Logan a standout contender for Rory’s heart.



Part of that party boy atmosphere is the fun he brings into Rory’s life. He pushes her outside of her boundaries and gives her the freedom to have fun without studying and her mom for once in her life. She may have gone and dropped out of Yale with him, however, she is the one who made that decision after one single person dismissed her ability that hundreds of others and her grades tell her on a daily basis. He supports her through this time and encourages her to go back in small ways.


Logan's zest for life is undeniably contagious. He whisks Rory away on spontaneous adventures—a grand gesture in a world where she is often mired in plans and precision. It's this joie de vivre that compels Rory to explore sides of herself she never knew existed. Whether they're jumping off scaffolding with an umbrella or stealing a yacht, Logan is there, making sure Rory doesn't miss out on the unforgettable experiences that come with youthful exuberance. Sure, her choices are her own, but having someone in your corner, cheering you on to seize the day, is a rare and thrilling addition to anyone's life.



Rory and Logan have amazing chemistry and their quips are magnetic. Logan and his smile give the show life in the later seasons and his humor is a strong match for Rory and will carry them well into the future.


The Extra Mile

He always tries to do what is right with her family, friends, and of course for her. He goes the extra mile and never gives up on her, even when she is very harsh with him and acts like a spoiled brat.

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