7 Memorable Prom Dresses in the Movies ...

Let’s take a look at some prom dresses in the movies. As a Brit, prom never really meant much to me and it’s only ever been what I’ve seen in the movies that brings it to life (although prom is starting to feature over here in UK schools now too). I can understand the event as a rite of passage but more so, I could always appreciate the fashion. Let’s get our gladrags on and take a whizz through some of the memorable prom dresses in the movies.

1. Andie Walsh – Pretty in Pink

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There are very few girls I imagine who would ever want to emulate Andie’s dress. Pretty in Pink was a such a movie of its generation and the dress clearly dates it. It is also not every girl’s dream to have to make their own dress from secondhand cast offs and cut offs from thrift sores. But whatever you may think of it, the one thing you can say is that Andie’s dress is it is definitely one of the most unique movie prom dresses and she wore it with pride and aplomb.

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