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9 Moments from Finding Dory That Will Give You the Feels ...

By Jennifer

If you haven't seen Finding Dory, the much-anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo, you need to do it, now. RIGHT NOW. It's so, so good, just as fantastic as you hoped it would be. Spoiler alert though: it'll give you so many feels! If you're okay with some spoilers, read on for the specific points the movie that will make you feel all the things.

1 Little Dory

You may think you're prepared for the overwhelming cuteness of little Dory, but you're not, trust me. The sight of her sweet little face and fins will just slay you, right from the start.

2 Marlin's Memory

So this scene (re: the sharks) was towards the beginning, and it's subtle but so important, because it demonstrates that none of us have a perfect memory. Dory's not the only one who forgets.

3 Mr. Ray

Yep, Mr. Ray is still teaching his little aquatic explorers, and it's sweet how he includes Dory, even though he clearly doesn't want to, and she tends to make a mess of things.

4 She Remembers

Dory has a memory of her family in the early part of the movie, of course, setting the tone and plot direction spinning. It's so sweet!

5 Nemo Defends Dory

I just love how,when Marlin says something hurtful to Dory - you'll know right away what it is - that Nemo stands up for her. What a good kid.

6 Destiny

Finally, Dory finds someone who recognizes her, who remembers her! I love this character, and how she just gets Dory.

7 What Would Dory do?

At one point, Nemo and Marlin are stuck, and I love that FINALLY Marlin starts to understand what makes Dory so special, and how she can help them... and how she's helped them all along.

8 Jenny & Charles and the Shells

You'll know this scene because when it happens, the entire theater will burst into loud sobs. Ugly crying is how you know the feels are working. I cried. A lot. You will too.

9 The Very End

The very end of this movie is just perfect, emotionally satisfying and just... perfect.

Those are the moments in Finding Dory that gave me all of the feels... when did the movie make you laugh or cry or just feel some kind of way?

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