What if Your Favorite Film Had a Different Ending?


These movies that were supposed to have different endings are so surprising! It’s interesting to imagine how different these movies would be if these original endings were kept and weren’t replaced by the endings we see now. I wonder how you all would feel if these movies that were supposed to have different endings turned out how they were originally intended!

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Pretty Woman

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Out of all of these movies that were supposed to have different endings, I am the most glad that this one was changed! I adore this movie, but if it had kept its original ending, the happy ending we all know and love would not have occurred. Originally, Edward was supposed to drive Vivian back to her home, kick her out of the car, and throw an envelope containing $3,000 at her, all while poor Vivian is crying hysterically. Thank goodness for the happy ending!


The Shining

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Instead of swapping a sad ending for a happy ending, The Shining did the opposite. In the movie we see Jack Torrence frozen to death in the snow, which ends the terrifying film. However, in the original ending, there was another scene afterwards, showing Wendy and Danny in a nearby hospital, where the hotel manager visits them and tells them that nothing out of the ordinary had happened at the hotel, implying that it had all been a dream or a hallucination.



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The ending that was supposed to happen in the oh-so-famous Titanic is as follows: Rose is just about to drop her beautiful necklace into the ocean, when Bill and the rest of the film crew run out to try and stop her. Rose then looks into the camera and explains that materialistic things aren’t important in life and that love is the only thing that matters, and subsequently drops the necklace. One of the crew members yelled out “THAT REALLY SUCKS, LADY!” and Bill looks into the sky dramatically and laughs, then asks Rose’s granddaughter to dance with him. Strange.


Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End

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As it turns out, Elizabeth and Will were meant to have the happy ending that everyone wishes they had! An important explanation was left out of the final movie, telling how Will would be freed of the curse after ten years, provided Elizabeth was faithful to him. Instead, we are left to think that the two lovers were destined to be apart forever!



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The movie Australia became the most expensive film the continent of Australia ever produced! Apparently three different endings were shot for this movie, and the one Baz Luhrmann had settled on was one in which Hugh Jackman’s character died. Apparently people didn’t enjoy seeing poor old Hugh dying, so it was changed for the ending in which he lives.


Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story

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Just as well this movie did not end how it was supposed to, because there would have been a lot of disappointed people! In the ending we see, Vince Vaughn’s team (the ‘good guys’) win, and Ben Stiller’s team (the ‘bad guys’) lose. However, in the original ending, the bad guys win the game, and the screen fades to black, leaving everyone wondering what on Earth happened!


I Am Legend

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In the original ending of I Am Legend, Will Smith’s character, Robert Neville, is shown to be the bad guy. If the movie had ended how it was originally intended, it is found that the Darkseekers are able to have feelings and thoughts, and they were only attacking Robert to save themselves from his scientific experiments. This leaves Robert with the knowledge that the only monster was himself.

There are actually so many movies out there that have been filmed with alternate endings, and you can find a lot of them on YouTube, if you’re interested! These movies, however, had been truly intended to finish with these twists, though I am quite glad they didn’t! What is your favourite alternate ending to a movie?

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Actually I think the ending to #4 at world's end does have Elizabeth and will reunite with their son bc she was faithful to him. I remember seeing that happy ending so you might have missed the end credits. I like the ending to I am legend much better than the alternative you're describing actually.

When I saw the ending for at world's end when Will comes back, I thought it was just him doing the one day visit every 10 years thing. Glad to know that's not the case!

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