7 Necessary Rules of Theatre Etiquette ...


7 Necessary Rules of Theatre Etiquette ...
7 Necessary Rules of Theatre Etiquette ...

Movie Etiquette is so important – for you and for others watching the movie. There are just some things you shouldn't do. Following the rules of movie etiquette improves the experience for everyone. There's nothing better than sharing a movie with a whole theatre full of people – laughing, gasping, screaming, maybe even crying at the same time. However, if you don't observe movie etiquette – or if your movie buddies don't – then it's just a sub par experience for everyone, you know? However, if you follow these etiquette tips and share this around with your friends, maybe everyone the world over will be a better film-buddy!

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No Cell Phones

This is more than movie etiquette, it's movie law now. They tell you so right on the screen! To be honest, I don't mind if you text or use your cell phone to light your way down the aisle. Those little lights don't illuminate anything, after all. But if you're actually talking to someone on the phone during the film, that just sucks!


Watch Those Feet

To me, it's perfect acceptable to rest your feet or knees on the chair or armrest in front of you. The ushers don't like it, but hey, you've got to stay comfortable for two hours. However, it's only acceptable if the seat is empty. If it's not, then you're kicking the back of my seat and I don't like you at all.


No Pictures, Please

I don't know why people take pictures of the movie. Do they even come out clearly? Yes, I've witnessed people doing this. It's a total breech of movie etiquette. It's almost as bad as bootlegging a recording, because those flashes are annoying!


Keep It to a Dull Roar

I don't mind talking during a movie either, because sometimes you just have to share things. However, whisper to the people you're with, or talk when the movie is particularly loud. It's awful when someone nearby is shouting to be heard. Also, hey buddy? The people on the screen can't hear you. They're not going to answer your inquiries.


Don't Make out

This little piece of movie etiquette has a caveat as well. It has to, because I used to make out at the movies when I was a teenager. Don't do it if there are any kids around, anywhere. If the theatre is crowded, you should probably avoid it then, as well. And if you're going to do it, sit in the back! I know it can be exciting, but no one else wants to see that – and if someone does want to creep on your make out session, you probably don't want them to. That's skeevy.


Watch the Pee Breaks

Everybody has to go to the bathroom. But if you get up to pee, come back, go get a drink, come back, go get some snacks, and then come back again, everyone in your aisle secretly hates you and hopes you choke on your Milk Duds.


Snack Nicely

Speaking of which, snack nicely! If you have noisy cellophane to contend with, do it beforehand or, again, try opening your snacks during a particularly loud scene. It's just polite movie etiquette. You can eat all you want, but if you're struggling with the Gummi Bears, wait a minute so no one else has to hear the plastic battle.

Movie etiquette really isn't hard to follow. Besides, every rule has an exception or some leeway. You know how obnoxious some of these things can be; if you hate it when others have no movie etiquette, then remember not to do it to others. Also, just as a personal favor, always try to see if the person sitting behind you is short, especially if you're very tall! I hate having to sit on phone books when I'm at the theatre! What's your biggest pet peeve concerning movie etiquette?

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