7 New, Intriguing Documentaries to Watch This Year ...

If you're looking for some informative and intriguing documentaries to watch on your next movie night or weekend binge, I've got you covered! I adore documentaries of all kinds – funny, dramatic, heartbreaking, happy, comedic, serious, satirical. You name it and I'll probably watch it. That's good news for you, too, because it means that I'm sharing a very well-rounded list of documentaries to watch the next time you're in the mood for a real look at something different. Most of them premiered in 2013, and none are more than a few years old, so they're definitely fresh!

1. Gideon's Army

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Gideon's Army is one of the most eye-opening documentaries to watch this year. One of my old high school friends, who is now a public defender in Florida, recommended it, and I was immediately hooked. You get to see a different side of public defenders, which might change your viewpoint, depending on the one you have now, of course. However, you realize what they fight for, what they strive for, and how they sometimes have to find the balance between what they know and what they believe as they defend the people who are all too often classified as indefensible.

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