7 of the Most Memorable TV Weddings ...


7 of the Most Memorable TV Weddings ...
7 of the Most Memorable TV Weddings ...

There are so many memorable TV weddings. It was pretty tough restricting this list to only 7 but I do think these were unforgettable! I love TV weddings because you get so invested in the characters and seeing them get the happy ending makes you happy too. Or is that just me? Take a look at some of most memorable TV weddings and then tell me if you agree!

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Blair & Louis (Gossip Girl)

Gossip Girl provided us with the whole royal affair at Blair and Louis’ wedding! What made it so unforgettable? When Gossip Girl ruined the “I Do”’s by sending out a video of Blair confessing her love for Chuck. Personally, I was happy when this happened because I always knew Chuck and Blair were meant to be together! I’ll always consider this one of the most memorable TV weddings because I was rooting so much for Chuck and Blair the whole time!


Ross & Emily (Friends)

Who will ever forget this wedding scene? Ross slips up calls his bride-to-be his by ex girlfriends name! Throughout the entire series, we all hoped Ross & Rachel would end up together, so I wasn’t that upset when this happened. Anyone who knows Friends know this scene was a big turning point in Ross & Rachel’s relationship. Thankfully, they end up together like we all wanted! Of course, we can’t forget that this wedding is also what brought Monica & Chandler together!


Jim & Pam (the Office)

Okay, Jim & Pam might be my favorite TV couple, like EVER. I fell in love with their relationship throughout the entire run of The Office. Their wedding was so magical and I think this video is so perfect. When it came down to it, they didn’t care where they got married or who watched - as long as they were together. Jim and Pam forever!


Arizona & Callie (Grey’s Anatomy)

This was so perfect because it was kind of like a double wedding! Meredith & Derek married in a courthouse while Arizona and Callie had their big wedding. I love their relationship in Grey’s (even though it’s been a bit rocky recently). I really hope they pull through and become stronger than ever! This was definitely a memorable wedding because, let’s face it, everything on Grey’s is memorable!


Carole & Burt (Glee)

Cue the tears. I can’t watch this video without bawling. The wedding was great but what I loved the most was the growing bromance between Finn and Kurt! Finn sings “Just the Way You Are” where he embraces Kurt as a brother and it has me smiling throughout the entire song. RIP Cory, you are missed!


Leslie & Ben (Parks & Rec)

This video seriously captures everything that’s great about Leslie & Ben. They’re such a great TV couple, because you can tell that Leslie & Ben are really soul mates. I love their relationship and I loved their wedding! They had their obstacles to get through and it only made the wedding that more memorable! You can’t ask for a better couple!


Phyllis & Bob (the Office)

This video is truly hilarious. Michael Scott is everything! Phyllis finally gets married and it was memorable because it just so happened to have EVERYTHING that Pam would’ve had at her wedding with Roy. “It was kind of like being invited to my own wedding,” Pam said. So, that, with Michael’s hilarious outbursts, this wedding was unforgettable.

That sums up the list for most memorable TV weddings! Of course, there are a lot more weddings that we’ll never forget. Which one was your favorite? Which TV wedding do you think should make the next list?

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Dynasty's Moldavian Massacre

Monica and chandler!!

jadzia and worf!!

Dwight and Angela/The Office Finale!!! So great. Loved that Glee wedding!

Blair and Chuck!

Sinclair and Overton

Lily and Marshall!

Corey and topanga

Blair and Louis from gossip girl is a tv- weddinginspiration i'll never forget!!

Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill

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