7 of the Most Memorable TV Weddings ...

There are so many memorable TV weddings. It was pretty tough restricting this list to only 7 but I do think these were unforgettable! I love TV weddings because you get so invested in the characters and seeing them get the happy ending makes you happy too. Or is that just me? Take a look at some of most memorable TV weddings and then tell me if you agree!

1. Blair & Louis (Gossip Girl)

Gossip Girl provided us with the whole royal affair at Blair and Louis’ wedding! What made it so unforgettable? When Gossip Girl ruined the “I Do”’s by sending out a video of Blair confessing her love for Chuck. Personally, I was happy when this happened because I always knew Chuck and Blair were meant to be together! I’ll always consider this one of the most memorable TV weddings because I was rooting so much for Chuck and Blair the whole time!