7 of the Worst Directors to Work with ...

I have to imagine that the worst directors to work with make going in to work for the day absolutely horrible. I'm lucky enough to adore my bosses, but even if you hate yours, you can be thankful that you probably don't have to spend sixteen-plus hours a day getting screamed at and forced to do the same thing over and over again, right? Then again, directors have a lot of pressure on their shoulders – they're making movies, movies they want people to see and enjoy. They want to inspire their audiences, so maybe we can cut some of the worst directors to work with a little slack – right?

1. David O. Russell

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The funny thing (that's not actually funny at all) about so many of the worst directors to work with is that they actually make great movies. David O. Russell, for example, is by all rights a bully of a director – and no, I don't mean that in a good way. You might not think he makes good movies either, but I don't know, I like I Heart Huckabees. However, the whole process was a disaster. He bullied Christopher Nolan and stole Jude Law, he made Lily Tomlin, queen of everything, indulge in some next-level insults, and he's just kind of a jerk. I mean, George Clooney hit him.

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