7 Quotes 🗯 from "the Bold Type" ✌️ for Girls 👩 Still Figuring Things out 🤔 ...


It’s no surprise that The Bold Type has taken the world by storm since it premiered in the Summer of 2017. With a trio of fun, fabulous, 20-somethings -- Kat Edison, Sutton Brady, and Jane Sloan -- at the helm, navigating the cut-throat world of journalism, it was bound to become a millennial favorite.

Whether we’re rooting for Kat to get promoted within Scarlett, the fictional magazine they all work for, hoping Jane finds the courage to pursue outside opportunities at Incite, or watching Sutton deal with the fallout of mixing a little bit too much pleasure within her business, these three friends walked into our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on them, and haven't exited since.

Do they have it all together? No! They’re figuring things out like the rest of us, but they also live life on their own terms, face their problems head-on, and speak up for what they want -- all while looking runway ready. And honestly, that’s all that any of us can hope for! Here are 7 quotes from The Bold Type that every woman should live by.

1. "Don’t Say ‘Sorry’ when You Have Nothing to Apologize for"- Jacqueline Carlyle

From birth, society conditions women to apologize for insignificant things in a way that men just aren’t. Because of this, many of us grow up feeling like we have to shrink down to make room for others or speak a little gentler so as not to offend anyone. Well, no more! In the words of Jacqueline, Scarlett’s editor-in-chief, “Don’t say sorry when you have nothing to apologize for.” Seriously, stop it. You should definitely be humble enough to admit your mistakes, but if you haven’t done anything that warrants an apology -- save that “sorry” for when it’s actually needed.

“if You Can’t do It with Feeling, Don’t.” - Jacqueline Carlyle