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7 Radiolab Podcasts You Must Listen to ...

By Vladlena

When you are always on the go and you grow tired of your music, use the time you spend traveling from place to place productively and enrich your mind with Radiolab podcasts. Radiolab is a radio show and podcast that mixes storytelling and science into one entity. Not only do you get entertained by some of the most though-provoking and moving stories but you learn scientific phenomena in a, dare I say ‘fun’ way. So here are some of the Radiolab podcasts that are worth checking out.

1 Memory and Forgetting

Memory and Forgetting might be one of my favorite Radiolab podcasts because it explores a very intriguing idea of memory. Jad Abumrad and Rober Krulwich articulately explain how memories are made and how most of them are forgotten. Plus they have a special guest who tells a story of a man whose love for his wife and music overcomes his 7-second memory.


2 Laughter

On this cool and fascinating episode, Radiolab takes us on a journey of exploring what laughter is all about. Laughter is such a common action that none of us truly have a moment to reflect on how it all works and what it actually is. This is your chance to get the scoop on laughter from psychologists, psychbiologists, and professional comedians themselves!



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3 Time

What is time? Is there truly a way to define it? These are the questions that are brought up in this episode of Radiolab, along with the idea of bending, stretching and wrestling time. The Radiolab team tries to unlock the mysteries of time and takes us back to the 19th century along the way.


4 Emergence

Emergence is all about the way that fireflies, bees and ants manage as a small unit. Somehow they work together in harmony toward a common goal and Radiolab describes how this happens. They focus on the logic of cities, Google and enlighten us on the ideas from experts in the fields of math, economy and neurology.


5 Colors

The world is full of different colors presented to us in different hues, but how can you be sure that what you see is what everyone else sees? In fact, there is actually a woman who can see thousands more colors than the rest of us and there is a sea creature that sees a rainbow and experiences colors in a way we will never be able to. Interested in more information? Click the link!


6 Words

Language is one of the things that make us a dominant species; we rely on words to function as a society. Can you even imagine the world without words? It seems impossible! Well in this episode of Radiolab, you will be told a story of a man who learned his first word at 27 years old.


7 Guts

Guts was the first episode of Radiolab that I have ever listened to and it was the one that got me hooked! This episode is all about our guts and what really goes on in there. It’s a fascinating topic that will surely boggle your mind.


Radiolab educates you on important scientific ideas without spitting out heavy, dry and boring information. It actually sucks you in with stories that are truly fascinating and unique. Which Radiolab podcast will you be listening to first?

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