Ranking πŸ”’ the Halloween πŸŽƒ Film 🎞 Series ...


After watching the recent trailer for the new Halloween film, I immediately thought about ranking the series for an article. The Halloween film series is an iconic part of the horror genre and the most memorable horror franchise of all time. But which film is the best and which is the worst? Yes, this article will contain some minor spoilers so if you haven’t watched then you may want to exit now. This ranking is 100 percent my opinion and I rank based on the characters, atmosphere, entertainment factor, and rewatchability. Without further ado here is my ranking of the Halloween film series and yes it will include Rob Zombie’s remakes.

1. The Original Halloween (1978)

This was a pretty easy choice because it’s the film that started it all. This movie has creative kills, suspense, a likeable main character, and a terrifying villain. Halloween is one horror movie that you have to watch at least once in your lifetime. Score: 10 out of 10.

Halloween II (1981)
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